We are devoted to beautiful hair! Since 2008, Alcorn hairstylists have been spreading our mantra in the Summerhill neighbourhood. We are proud to have the reputation for getting it right and keeping it real. With our collective salon experience of 105 years we know how to maximize your hair potential. Come talk hair strategy with us.

Blowdry 45+
Haircut + Blowdry 60+
Barber Style 60+
Colour 75+
Highlight 110+
Keratin Treatment 250+


Artists of
their trade

Our gifted and highly accomplished team are exactly that. Hand-selected and led by celebrated and highly awarded stylist, Tony Masciangelo, known for his high-profile editorial work featuring celebrity models and numerous high-end designer brands, our team is constantly on the pulse of new trends and cutting edge techniques. When not in the salon, you can find us behind the scenes on set – a testament to our passion for the craft of what we do.

Tony Masciangelo


All hail the king of the do! No seriously, anyone who has had a Tony blow-out knows the moment of feeling cover worthy. Mostly charm, a splash of flash and a whole lot of history make him the man to book when your hair needs to save the day.

Jed Puznak


Don’t let the fact that Jed only does hair colour fool you, he is also versed in a breadth of pop culture. Struggling to articulate your shade of blonde? Rest assured he drops the celebrity name that assures you that he understands. Although natural hues are more his slant, chameleons don’t despair, he can up the ante when necessary.



Like a couture atelier, Linda only does it perfect. Although she can expertly deliver on just about any hair request, she fortunately knows when to save us from ourselves. Mostly, we defer to her if we have a hair riddle; super-moms always know everything.



Despite his insta-fame and exclusively black wardrobe, Jeremiah is all heart with only a dash of drama. He has refined his Queen West hair ethos for the uptown crowd and is quickly gaining whisper status in the hood. He may look cuddly, but snap out of it and focus on his styling tips cause cuddles won’t get your hair compliments.



Troy makes us sparkle! He is an apprentice extraordinaire that makes sure that your visit is speedy and without bumps. If you like to be the first to discover next-gen talent, keep him on your radar. He is laser focused on becoming a junior stylist and always looking for hair models. In the meantime, he is available for last minute blow-outs.